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Since so many folks suffer from chronic back pain, it should come as no surprise that they often resort to wearing a back brace for support


Magnetic Back Shoulder Brace Belt

Product Description:
Adopting high quality elastic fabric, which is breathable and comfortable to wear.
Adjustable shoulder strap is convenient and can help to reduce the pressure of shoulder, you can adjust the suitable lenght for yourself.
Easy to wear and suitable for both men and women.
Specifications: Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Posture Correct Belt
Gender: Unisex,   Material: Polyester + Rubber

Elite Posture Corrector Support Magnetic
  • Body Reshape

    The back braces give you the strong support to your back and waist, it's quite suitable for both teenager and adult to prevent hunchback

  • Injury Recovery

    The back braces give compression to back, shoulder. arm, helpful to recovery from injury and adult to prevent hunchback

  • Protection

    When you just injured your shoulder, you need it to be immobilized.  A support brace will keep your arm in place and help to protect your shoulder against any further damage.

  • Exercise Support

    Usually, the shoulder support braces that are recommended for exercise are the double shoulder braces.

Why Wear Braces?

Because do not pay attention to shoulder unwell problem at ordinary times, bring about to contain bosam, hunchback, high and low shoulder to wait, for exapmle: long-term bow head walking, sitting on one side for a long time, working on computer for a long time, can easyly lead to forward curvature of spine and shoulder inflammation. Spinal diseases can be prevented by wearing braces.


I used to have back and neck aches for a long time. I had a bad habit of slouching while gaming/studying or on the laptop, but after using this product, my posture has improved and so has my state. My back is more aligned and I feel stronger in my back. Would definitely recommend, just wear it consistently and you will see improvements.

It was an excellent purchase for me! The product was in great condition, shipping wasn't too long and it fits me perfectly. Can already feel the improvement in my posture! 100% recommended.

Used to have random sharp pains when twisting my back and reaching for things but this back brace really helped correct my posture like how it should be and now I feel much better and can now go to the gym freely.

This is a truly solid brace; helps my posture (fighting dowager's hump) AND supports my lower back. I like it so well, I ordered another for my S/O, who also tried it and was impressed.

The fitting and feel of this product is extra-ordinary! I'm thoroughly satisfied. The shipping was good as well, despite the 2-4 weeks wait time. It was worth it at the end.

The value has been off the charts with this one, wasn't expecting it. I wear it at home and in the gym. WORKS SO GOOD IN THE GYM AS WELL!

  • 100% Pure Organic Black Seed Oil

    100% PURE FRESH ORGANIC AUTHENTICPREMIUM QUALITYVIRGIN COLD PRESSED "Black Seed Oil" Also known as Black Cumin Oil (Nigella Sativa or kalonji oil) Completely Edible (Food Grade)  First Cold Pressed Guaranteed  

  • What is Black Seed Oil?

    Black Seed Oil Health Benefits
    Black seed oil is an oil derived by pressing the seeds of the Nigella Sativa plant. 
    The seeds are also commonly referred to as black cumin.
    The nutrient-rich oil of black seed has been used for hundreds of years in the Middle East and South Asia as a natural remedy for a variety of ailments

  • Benefits of Black Seed Oil?

    Studies have shown that black seed oil is an effective anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory remedy. As a result, it is often used to fight infections and strengthen the immune system, which is suitable for treating the following conditions:
    headaches, toothaches, nasal congestion, 
    colds and flu, digestive and gastrointestinal problems, 
    hair and skin problems, allergies, diabetes